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About The Hinckley Owner's Club

This site is offered as a free service the the Hinckley Owner’s Community. It has been built and designed as the official Hinckley Boat Building Family Alumni Association, by Barry Hinckley.  ***There is no present Hinckley Family affiliation with current ownership of  Hinckley Yachts, Inc. or related companies***which the family sold to a private equity firm in 1997. This site is for Hinckley owners, employees, fans, and alumni to interact share photos and memories about the boats, we all love. If a cat has 9 lives, a Hinckley has more as it passes from family to family over the years.

We also display Hinckley’s that are for sale, as Barry makes his living selling and insuring Hinckley’s. If you would like us to list your Hinckley, please contact us and we will feature it on the site.  We will shortly be adding a FSBO option, so stay tuned for that!

Barry Hinckley, a Yacht Broker specializing in used Hinckley’s and marine insurance and yacht management. Barry runs this site and records many of the Hinckley’s he encounters on his day-today travels in the world of Hinckley Yachts. Feel free to book a free 30 minute marine consult with Barry if you are interested in buying or selling a Hinckley or need management help.  Presently Barry is the only member of the Hinckley Family working in the Marine business.

How to use the Site:

To enjoy and contribute to the site, please create an account and sign up for whatever categories you qualify. It could be simply “owner” but with many people it may be also, “employee”, “captain”, Fan, etc. The site is in beta and we are adding new functionality as we get feedback, so feel free to send it in…

When adding a hull to a model, please make sure if possible the first image that you upload is “landscape” view if possible, this will make it display better with all the other hulls of that model type. You can also add or “claim” an existing hull if you did not own it, but stating you either sailed on it, worked on it or helped build it. You can watch our videos on Youtube @Hinckleyclub

Enjoy the site and feel free to contact Barry if you have any questions @ 954-952-5429 or schedule a time by using the link below.

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