Hinckley / Owens Cutter

Hinckley / Owens Cutter
  • Designer: Norman Owens
  • Number Built: 14
  • Years Built: 1950's
  • Length, Overall: 41
  • Length, Waterline: 29' 5"
  • Beam: 10' 5"
  • Displacement: -
Overview: Designed by Norman Owens of Owens Boat builders in Maryland sometime in the early 1940s’. Owens Boat Builders produced about 40 of these cutter designs as a sleek, fast Bay racer. The Owens family was primarily a power boat builder and the three brothers decided in the late 40s’ to discontinue building the cutter. They offered the plans to Hinckley who continued to build 14 of the cutters through the 50’s. Hinckley built only 4 with what Henry called “the Doghouse” or the hard mahogany dodger.

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