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Understanding Hull Numbers: The number beginning with THC is the hull number, which is the new series of hull numbers which Hinckley began using in 1999. The THC stands for Talaria Holding Company the next two digits are the model so 37, 55 etc is the model, the next three digits is the hull number in the model series the letter is the month it was molded with “A” standing for January and “L” stand for December, the next single digit is the year it was molded and the next two are the year it was launched. The only was to tell the difference in a year molded is to correlate it with the follow two digits year of launch, for example H405 would mean the boat was molded in August of 2004 and launched in 2005. If it was A404 it would mean the boat was molded in January of 2004 and launched in 2004. Before 1999 Hinckley hull numbers started with HRH (Henry Rose Hinckley) and simply the model series and the hull number that series and month / year. There are some variations in the HRH hull numbers that included letters as the US Coast Guard began to require certain standardization of hull numbers. Before 1972 the USCG did not require hull #’s on documentation and the Hinckley Co used a simple 1-2000 numbering system. In many cases unless we can find the number on the boat somehow, it is difficult to pin down the number for many Hinckley’s built.

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