Bermuda 40

Originally designed in 1958 as a refinement of the BLOCK ISLAND 40. All models were available as a sloop or yawl. 203 built of all variations since introduced and ranged from the Mark I-III Here is a good article on the history from Practical Sailor


  • Year Built / Launched: 1960
  • Hull Names: Firefly - 2009


Author: penny.zahn

Peter and I are the second owners of Firefly, Hull #4 Bermuda 40.  She was launched in October 1960, the same month I was born.  The original owner, Norvin Rieser, was a close family friend.  He was also part of the syndicate that worked with Bill Tripp on the design and model testing of the B40, and then the construction and building of the first 10 boats.  I sailed on her occasionally over the years, and when it was clear that she needed some TLC and updating, we made an offer to buy her.  It took a while but we officially adopted her in October 2009.

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  • Dates owned: 2009 - present