Bermuda 40

Originally designed in 1958 as a refinement of the BLOCK ISLAND 40. All models were available as a sloop or yawl. 203 built of all variations since introduced and ranged from the Mark I-III Here is a good article on the history from Practical Sailor


  • Year Built / Launched: 1976
  • Hull Names: Caroliner - 1976 - 1978


Author: dick.rosenberg

We bought our first Hinckley in 1976. My wife, Carol, was really excited to purchase a B-40, so in our quest, she visited the Hinckley Company to look at the boats. After the first day at the company, she called me and said “We just have to have. a Hinckley. The people who build these boats are wonderful, and their quest for safety, strength and style is wonderful. I’m not sure that they ever had a woman show up at The company alone, but Bob assigned Sandro Vitelli the job of showing my wife aroun, and took her sailing one morning! we did purchase our B-40, and she was launched in 1976. 

This was the first of three Hinckley yachts we owned. In 1977 we started construction of a SW-50, and took delivery in the spring of 1978. Her name was Carrousel, and we sailed her for eleven years.

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  • Dates owned: 1976 - 1978