Hinckley 36-Wood


  • Year Built / Launched: 1955
  • Hull Names: Drambuie - 1968 - 1997
    Drambuie - 1968 - 1997
  • SAILED ON THIS BOAT: gretchen.wilson - 1968 - 1997
  • Overview:
    The history I have is it was built in 1955, previous names Camaco II; and Serenity. I believe that Ben Hinckley was the first owner and then Gordon Erickson (Serenity)I think Dad (Bob Wilson MD) bought it late 60’s early 70’s . The boat was known for its full Galley, and I am trying to find a photo, the one attached does not show.  It had a reach in icebox which was a new concept at the time, as well as a sweet gas top that often was on for heat!! Across from it was a banquet which would convert to a double bed.
    The Hinckley books that I have say there were 37 hulls built between 1953 and 1956 I think it is our exact boat that is the company photo in a few books.
    Six of us grew up on that boat. She was a great family boat, and as someone said on the video…how do you make a yawl go faster..
    She often finished in the bottom tier of the Retired Maine Skippers race, but she loved a broad reach.  The upkeep of an old wooden boat with a family and kids headed out to college and beyond was too much, Dad was killed in a car accident and she was sold for scrap.  My brother went with it, to take off hardware  which he mounted for each of us (cleats and blocks) My Mom had the nameboard that Chris mounted for her until she passed. ( I think you and Chris went to nursery school together)
    Best wishes and thank you for the keeping this wonderful history alive thru your Dad and Uncle.
    Gretchen Wilson


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Bob Wilson, MD

  • Dates owned: 1968 - 1997