Hinckley 49


  • Year Built / Launched: 1974
  • Hull Names: IRISH TANGO - 1999
    IRISH TANGO - 1999
    Gypsy Flame - 2023


Author: Scott Sorokin

After 24 years, “Irish Tango”  has new owners and name “ Gypsy Flame”. Paul and Kristine took great care of her and that honor has been passed to me. I am grateful  for the opportunity to continue giving  her the love and care she deserves. Gypsy Flame is currently at Safe Harbor Post Road in Mamaroneck,  NY.  This winter she will be in a heated shed where we will begin her restoration and updating. please contact me directly if you are in the area and would like  to see her. 


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All Owners


  • Dates owned: 1999 - present


  • Dates owned: 1999 - present

Scott Sorokin

  • From: North Salem, NY
  • Dates owned: 2023 - present